Fandom Thoughts

My mind has been made up. The blog stays.

Another decision that’s been made: I will not rejoin the Winx fandom.

Much thanks again to my boyfriend for helping with this decision, but this time, he did so unintentionally.

He was a part of The Loud House‘s fandom, but left recently because of problems with fan art. No, he doesn’t make fan art, but it seems there’s an issue with NSFW fan art because some people would rather complain than use safe search or not let minors use the internet unattended. Apparently, suggesting such things instead of expecting to police the entire internet is offensive.

Reminds me of the Elsanna fandom when I think about it, only in reverse.

Anyway, while we were talking about it, I told him I believe fandoms are more like exclusive clubs where the requirement is having the “right” opinion, and he thought that summed it up best. Now, he’s said something I personally think best sums up fandoms as a whole. For context, he posted about how he felt on Tumblr and someone told him he should’ve expected that because no fandom is decent (I 100% agree!). His response was:

“True. I thought some fandoms would be different than others, but all of them suck.”

Boy, can I relate! That’s what I thought about the Winx Club fandom. It was certainly a hard lesson, but it’s correct. There is no such thing as a good fandom. They all suck.

When my boyfriend made his decision to leave The Loud House‘s fandom and told me about it, he unintentionally cemented my decision to not rejoin the Winx fandom. Ironically, I’d been leaning toward rejoining it for a while, but the trouble with Dreamix put me back on the fence. All he did was finally help me climb down on the “Nope” side.

This blog is staying because it’s not necessary to be part of a fandom if you love a show. It might be a bit lonely without a fandom, but loneliness is better than drama and “my opinion is right and yours is wrong” unless you thrive off that kind of thing. I know some people do, but I don’t. I like talking about how I feel about about certain aspects of the show and as I said in another post, whoever takes issue with how I think and feel is free to find another blog.

However, it’s really a shame this is what fandoms have become. I expect this behavior from hatedoms, not fandoms. Yes, I know fandoms are not hive minds and I never expected that. What I did expect is people’s different opinions to be respected, not see fans attacking each other, let alone lying and making false accusations like what happened to me. Maybe I expected too much.

The biggest shame, in my opinion, is that it wasn’t until I became a target that I was able to see this. Which means I was unknowingly fine with and condoned this behavior, and likely participated in it, until it happened to me, and that is not something I’m proud of. But I suppose it’s better late than never, even if it took me leaving, that I see the fandom’s true colors.

Yes, I know the world is not a happy place. I know we don’t all get along. But some things simply should not be a competition. Fandoms are one of them. In a way, it reminds me of the message of Zootopia on a smaller scale: that people who’ve been wronged can be the same as those who’ve wronged them. No one’s above it all, no matter how much they think they are.


Outside Wisdom

Whenever I start thinking about the trouble I had with the Winx fandom, I talk to my boyfriend about it. He doesn’t care for Winx and has never been a part of its fandom, so he’s got a view nobody in the fandom could give me since he’s an outsider. Oh, and he doesn’t accuse me of things I didn’t do either. One of the reasons I love and listen to him. 😉

Anyway, today, he gave this bit of wisdom:

“You shouldn’t blame the actions of one person on a whole group of people. That’s how wars start.”

I figured that out on my own. It’s why I’m conflicted to begin with and feel a guilt over leaving the fandom on impulse, especially when I have friends in the Winx fandom who – bless their hearts – do not blame people for things they didn’t do (duh; they wouldn’t be my friends if they did).

The part on the end about wars wasn’t something that ever occurred to me, but it does make sense and it definitely applies to the Winx. Those “rules” the fandom has about liking the older stuff making you a blind, nostalgic hater are only there due to stereotypes and heaven knows the amount of generalizing that goes on in the fandom. It’s why the same people who complain about others’ complaints of the newer seasons make complaints of their own about them. Some stupid idea their complaints are valid, but others aren’t (read: they don’t hate the same things, so that other person must wrong).

An example off the top of my head is seeing someone (I think on Tumblr) complain about rainbow horses in the show later complain about people calling the show childish. You’re complaining about rainbow horses, but also complaining people are calling the show childish? How does that work? Rainbow horses are childish, so those complaints should not be coming from the same person. But they did. I don’t get it.

Stereotypes and irony aside, one thing my boyfriend has made clear to me is this kind of thing won’t stop because it’s really just the way fandoms are. It’s what they do and how they behave. Yes, a stereotype, but it’s one I’ve come to find true. I’ve seen it in other fandoms I’m a part of and he’s seen it in fandoms of shows he likes as he looks in from the outside. It scares me to know I behaved that way at one point some years ago. *shudder*

What I’m getting at is the fandom is always going to be like this. I don’t know how much worse it’ll get, but that much is what I know is true. Big fandom equals big problems, and bouncing in and out of the fandom will only cause me stress. I haven’t decided yet if I ever will rejoin the fandom, mainly because I want whatever decision I make to be a permanent one. I don’t want to be having this conflict again in 2017, 2018, or any following year. What initiated the conversation about it with my boyfriend today is I told him I once said I’d be in the fandom until Winx’s end, but I did not say I’d put up with the fandom’s nonsense until the end. I did not join the Winx fandom to be deemed a blind, biased, nostalgic hater because of my preferences or have false accusations made about me. But as I said, the fandom will always be this way – it’s just the nature of the internet in general and Winx’s fandom fails to be an exception – so it’s likely to happen again. And again. And again.

If I do rejoin the fandom, I am not putting up with that a second time. Whoever wants to start more lying about me or cause trouble in general goes on my block list because, frankly, if I wanted drama, I’d watch Maury reruns. And if that decision gets me deemed a coward, so be it, because I’d end up getting asked why I don’t just block them anyway (I won’t even get into how many times I’ve seen that!).

I am not going to participate in a war over children’s programming. I’ll leave that to the kindergarten bullies on the elementary school playgrounds.

Oh. And happy birthday to Aisha. Cool girl.

My Mind’s Made Up

Although, I wasn’t expecting to make up my mind this soon.

I can’t enjoy Winx anymore. I still like it, but every time I see fan art or screenshots, I cringe. And no, not of only the newer stuff. Of anything. Even my favorite, Enchantix. It seems it has to do with the trouble I ran into with the fandom. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he guessed the reason is seeing Winx brings back bad memories. I think he’s right. When I look at Winx, I do immediately think of the fandom. More specifically, the “rules” of the fandom. When I see anything pre-season 5, I think of how I’m supposedly so blind and biased from nostalgia for liking it and preferring it to the newer stuff. When I see anything of season 5 and onward, my thoughts flash to how I apparently don’t like it enough, therefore, I may as well hate it. Even looking at my own posts, these feelings arise.

It makes feel sad, but it’s what my mind now does. It makes me regret ever discovering the Winx fandom or becoming a part of it. It’s so odd because Winx is the only thing I have this trouble with. No other show or film I like brings me this trouble, not even Frozen, which is very much hated on some social media, especially Tumblr. People hate that film so much, they laughed at and made fun of a small child’s death because the child liked Frozen. I was very disgusted with that, yet I’m not cringing and recalling bad memories when I see Frozen like I do with Winx. I don’t understand it, but I’ve given up trying to figure it out. It’s as confusing as the fandom’s unwritten rules themselves.

I’m going to give myself a deadline. September 4th. If these feelings are still around, I’m going to delete this blog on that date. I’m trying not be impulsive, but I cannot run a blog for a show I can’t so much as see screenshots of without cringing and thinking back to the issues I had within the fandom. If these feelings vanish or ease, at least, I’ll keep this blog around and maybe just blabber about whatever thoughts I have on the show about anything (hey, it’s my blog; whoever thinks I’m a blind, biased, nostalgic hater is free to find a blogger who matches their ideals).

I don’t want to delete this blog, so I am hoping these feelings diminish, but if they don’t, Winx was fun while it lasted for me. I hope no one else has these feelings or the same troubles I did with the fandom.

September 4th.


I talked about this on my main blog, but I want to talk about it here because it has to do with this blog, which is winx-related (duh).

I’m genuinely not sure what to do with this blog. I don’t want to delete it, but if I ever start posting again, it’ll be a long time before I do because I’m very unsure about the winx fandom at this point. Yes, I know liking Winx doesn’t have to mean being part of its fandom, but I was never unhappy to be a part of the fandom until the idea you’re biased and blinded by nostalgia if you still like the older seasons (S1 – S3/S4) reared its ugly head, especially if – heaven forbid – Enchantix is your favorite. Since Enchantix is my favorite transformation and season 2 is my favorite season, I’m not the kind of person the fandom wants around. If I am, I’m supposed to keep those preferences to myself or else…well…I think just made it clear.

It’s a funny (not in a good way) thing, considering I don’t ever want to see Winx Club come to an end. Let the series finale be announced and watch how fast my heart shatters. But the above preferences I have seem to make my likeness of post-season 4 irrelevant. Why, I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. I don’t support the idea nor did I come up with it, but that seems to be how things are.

This blog has little content to begin with because it was hard to think of topics to post. I suppose for now, I’ll leave it up. If I come back to it, I won’t have to remake it. If I don’t, there’s no harm and I can delete it whenever my mind is finally made up.

Character Development

Some ago on DeviantArt, I got into a minor interesting discussion on character development within the show. Practically everyone agreed the Winx have grown over the seasons, but I believe there’s one who has a lot more developing to do.

Now, I like Stella. She definitely has her good points. But I’d have to say she’s a bit iffy in the department of character development.

In season one, Stella was vain, a bit airheaded, and primarily concerned with her appearance. Five seasons later, she’s actually gotten more vain, not less. The best example of this is Queen for a Day, where Stella had a fit because being a queen was actually work instead of fun. While her worst behavior was the fault of the mirror, she was also very rude to her friends and her boyfriend prior to it possessing her.

We’ve also seen Stella throw actual tantrums, make false emergency calls, cry crocodile tears, and the list goes on. This is behavior you’d expect someone to grow out of, not further into. She was better-behaved as a three-year-old in The Gem of Empathy than she is as an adult half the time.

There’s no telling how much longer Winx Club will last, but I really want to see Stella grow out of behaving like this and I’d prefer it sooner than later. I understand she’s supposed to be the goofball and the least mature of the Winx. That’s fine, but everyone has to mature at some point. If the Winx have indeed aged a year every season and movie, Stella would be about 25 by now. Way too old for having fits. I’m going to be very disappointed if the final season of Winx comes around, whichever season that may be, and Stella is still acting like a child.

That’s not to say I don’t expect her to have bad days or be upset. That happens to everybody. But I expect her to take her responsibilities seriously, especially since she is her kingdom’s future queen, and to not have a fit because she can’t be all play and no work. As she stands now, she’s not suited to be taking the throne any time soon.

An Unbreakable Bond – Or Is It?

In season two, we were introduced to the pixies. Tiny beings who bond instantly to their chosen fairy. The job of a pixie is to help her bonded fairy in her journey to becoming strong and an accomplished fairy. Supposedly, this bond is supposed to be very strong, possibly unbreakable. However, it seems the show does not support that.

After being absent for two entire seasons, the pixies finally returned in season five. However, Digit and Tune were replaced with Cara and Cherie with no explanation provided whatsoever, as if they’d been bonded to Tecna and Musa from the beginning.



Just how strong is the bond between a fairy and her pixie when it seems they can so easily be replaced? Making matters worse, Digit and Tune have yet to be seen or merely mentioned by even the other pixies, giving the impression Cherie and Cara not only took their spots as Musa and Tecna’s bonded pixies, but also as existing characters within the show.

Also, every bond has a reason, whether stated or implied. For example, Chatta and Flora. There were several fans who believed (and probably still believe) Chatta should’ve been placed with Stella on the grounds the two are so alike, right down to their appearance. However, as it turned out, Chatta was a good match for Flora after all. She assisted Flora with her shyness, pushing her to admit her feelings to Helia and trust herself.

Flora and Chatta


Cherie is the pixie of weather and Cara is the pixie of super strength. Perhaps I’ve just yet to see it, but I cannot find any reason for their bonds to Musa and Tecna aside from the creators’ decision to make them so. The best I can gather Cherie being a mini-lookalike of Musa, which, ironically, is the same reason some fans preferred Chatta to be with Stella. Perhaps Rainbow decided to grant their request after all. However, that would leave the question of Cara’s bond with Tecna, not to mention why they didn’t simply switch Amore and Chatta around if that were the case.

I don’t hate Cara or Cherie, but the way they were brought into the show truly makes me doubt a pixie’s bond with her fairy is really as strong as season two portrayed it to be. If some kind of explanation were provided, even a poor one, I may think differently, but there was none and to this day, there still isn’t one. Cara and Cherie are simply to be accepted as Tecna and Musa’s bonded pixies in canon, no questions asked. Of course, audiences aren’t goldfish. When you change canon, there will be questions, especially when no reason for the change is given.